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An aggressive, high priority effort is necessary to clean up MTBE from leaking underground storage tanks as quickly as possible.
SSWM using its proprietary all natural microbial blends to effect a rapid bio-augmentation below the ground surface is proving to be a rapid and efficient means to eliminate inadvertent impacts of gasoline and MTBE constituents released in soils and groundwater from former leaking underground storage tanks versus the time required from conventional pump & treat methods.
The company has worked on over 70 projects within the state and has specialized in leaking underground storage tanks.
The question everyone should be asking is, why should consumers pay the price for leaking underground storage tanks and pipelines by being forced to breathe dirtier air and paying higher prices for gasoline?
provides environmental business risk management services for the cost-effective remediation and closure of sites with hydrocarbon contamination of ground water and soil due to leaking underground storage tanks, petroleum distribution systems, refineries, airports, chemical plants, landfills, and related contamination sources.
This project in Meeker, Oklahoma, involved the ex-situ removal of hydrocarbons from soils contaminated from leaking underground storage tanks and associated piping.
provides a comprehensive solution to hydrocarbon contamination of groundwater and soil due to leaking underground storage tanks, petroleum distribution systems, and related contamination sources.
Contamination issues are primarily related to hydrocarbons released from leaking underground storage tanks.
In addition to treating soils contaminated with hydrocarbons, including benzene, resulting from leaking underground storage tanks, the pilot test also included treating soils contaminated with bunker "C" oils.