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The EPA has awarded $465,000 to the Navajo Nation to oversee the cleanup of an estimated 58 leaking underground storage tanks that store petroleum or hazardous substances throughout the reservation.
Cities and towns scored a major victory when the Indiana Supreme Court last week held a major oil company liable for a leaking underground storage tank at an independently-owned gas station in the town of Tippecanoe, Ind.
The brownfield status of the project site required the removal and remediation of a leaking underground storage tank (LUST), asbestos tile and lead-based paint.
Further, the energy bill allocates hundreds of millions of dollars from the Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) funds directly to address alleged MTBE contamination for those few causes in which responsible parties cannot be identified.
The attendees are trained by technical and regulatory experts on the federal regulations governing corrective action and cleanup requirements in leaking underground storage tank sites to fulfill the requirements of RCRA Subtitle I.
Upon the identification of a leaking underground storage tank the costly clean-up remedy is to remove the tank, contaminated soil and replace with clean soil.
OTCBB: SSWM), announced it has reached seventy-five percent (75%) completion on two separate site cleanup contracts under the South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program.
Program graduates acquire training and certifications in a variety of areas, such as environmental health and safety, lead and asbestos abatement, landfill management, wastewater treatment, brownfields assessment and cleanup, Superfund cleanup, leaking underground storage tank removal, recycling and emergency response.
A leaking underground storage tank resulted in the release of xylenes to surrounding soils as well as floating xylene solvent on the groundwater.
Bruce Beattie, president of SSWM stated, "We have given notice to competitors, their bonding companies and the South Carolina Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Program managers as well as individual private sector generators in California that violation of our U.