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In order for an organization to be a Lean Enterprise, its employees must become a Lean Thinking Workforce.
Most of the basic goals of Lean thinking are common sense (i.
16] Peter Hines, Matthias Holweg and Nick Rich, 2004, "Learning to evolve: A review of contemporary lean thinking," International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Vol.
Findings from the study suggest that lean thinking can help secondary wood products manufacturers be more profitable.
Appearing on Business Week's best-seller list of business books, Lean Thinking consists of four inter-related parts.
However, lean thinking actually challenges fundamental concepts like mass production and "batch" processing as causes of muda, the Japanese word for waste.
Lean thinking is about eliminating all forms of waste.
Lean Thinking is an informative and thought provoking read.
The opportunities available to companies who are willing to focus their lean thinking on their finance and accounting functions are both operational and strategic in nature:
The Maintenance Center for the Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, Georgia, launched a program in 2001 combining principles drawn from the Theory of Constraints and Lean thinking.