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Although Lean thinking applied in healthcare has delivered considerable benefits, research conducted in the USA, UK and Australia highlights the many challenges that hospitals face in its adoption.
In order for us to understand what I mean when I say that people--your employees--should be a Lean Thinking Workforce, we have to take a moment to reflect on what Lean Thinking is.
According to the Institute, companies that adopt Lean thinking can better respond to changing customer needs with high variety, high quality, low costs and speedy throughput times.
The first steps in Lean thinking are identifying the value and the "value stream.
Lean thinking and development projects blend with agile practices and systems thinking in "Scaling Lean & Agile Development", a definitive and thoroughly 'user friendly' guide to organizational re-design moving from single-function teams to cross-functional teams.
The distinctive thing about lean thinking is that it derives from observing the best practices in an organization.
A specific process-based variation derived from lean thinking has been proposed as an appropriate method for the present research.
Manufacturers should apply lean thinking techniques and treat energy as a scarce resource.
Lean thinking offers a fundamental shift away from traditional manufacturing towards a more systematic approach, focused on the reduction of any non-value adding or wasteful activities.
Lean thinking is one management approach that has been widely accepted and adopted by other manufacturing and service industries.