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LEAP YEAR. Vide Bissextile.

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In some northern European countries, on leap year day women are allowed to propose marriage to men.
The chance of being born on a Leap Year day is one out of 1461 -- about 684 out of a million people are born on Leap Year day -- or about 5 million people on the planet, some studies showed.
But even on leap year day, timing is everything and Rhona turns out to be far from perfect.
Presumably, since the extra day did not legally exist, then nothing that took place on this leap year day technically never happened, according to the law.
The Leap Year day youngsters will now share their birthdays with the poet Byron, actor Joss Ackland, American singer Dinah Shore and band man Jimmy Dorsey.
On leap year day 2004, Alison Dermer sent her traveling boyfriend a video marriage proposal -- becoming a modern adherent to an ancient custom.
Being Leap Year Day, which is synonymous with Sadie Hawkins, Wheeler added, that "it is OK for women to invite a gentleman to join them for the evening.
NEXT Friday is Leap Year Day - a cue for quirky customs, calendar confusion and forever-young Leap Year boys and girls who are born on the day.
Q I'M sick of waiting to be asked, so I'm planning to use this Leap Year Day to ask my commitment-shirking partner to marry me.
96 trillion yen, due to the extra leap year day and weather factors, and showed an increase for the second straight month, the government said Friday.
Her family goes all out to celebrate her special leap year day, and Josie is looking forward to taking her driver's exam, nabbing the part of Juliet in the afternoon's play auditions, and heading out to the lake for the super-secret sweet 16 initiation ritual.
In fact the true increase so far this year, after allowing for the leap year day in February 2000, is nearer 3.