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Entertainment and connectivity options scored very highly with LECs, with in-car voice recognition having the most appeal (86 percent), following by in-car wi-fi hotspots and in-car video and event recorders (both 84 percent) and point-of-interest search, such as parking spots (83 percent).
That way, the LECs which show the most innovation and enterprise will be rewarded.
To build its networks, the taxpayer purchased from LECs two distinct types of line services: (1) one-way PRI line service that "permits [the] [t]axpayer to receive, but not to initiate, voice and data transmissions"; and (2) other line services, not specified in the ruling, that connect the taxpayer's modern bank to its data network and, ultimately, to the ISP'S services.
The contentious issue that faces both the LECs and the ISPs is how and where this should be done without disrupting current services.
But they won't be given legal powers to clean up the LECs and other agencies.
The GDSL RapidResponse System uses weather-hardened, outside plant equipment that LECs can place anywhere along the copper line.
Under price caps, the FCC would expect LECs to improve productivity by at least 2.
The FCC today adopted new rules establishing a framework through which LECs can obtain pricing flexibility for special access services.
Some of the largest conferencing corporations and tier 1 LECs in North America depend on the VSR1000 for next generation conferencing and IVR services and these customers can be assured that we will be a leader meeting the needs of this rapidly changing marketplace.
We commend these LECs, especially Bell Atlantic/NYNEX, for their conduct in this regard.
EDN has passed each and every audit from both LECs and billing aggregators, the companies that submit the charges to the LECs.
But the LECs have been trying to inflate their wholesale rates by understating their avoided retail costs.