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Leech Therapy Leech therapy may be used by plastic surgeons to salvage flaps, particularly if venous congestion occurs.
The latest methods ranging from neurodynamic mobilization of the radial nerve, to base-of-thumb splinting, to combining balneotherapy with magnetotherapy, and to leech therapy are greatly diverse and have demonstrated improved pain levels, stiffness, mobility, strength, and daily activities.
Nassir Hakeem said patients are reacting positively to the leech therapy.
Mother-of-three Demi said: "I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of it was leech therapy.
As with most bizarre beauty regimes, leech therapy has a Hollywood devotee.
Demi Moore on the latest celebrity craze - leech therapy
The resurgence of leech therapy in recent times prompted the publication of this book.
Following historical and leech biology overviews, they present techniques, indications and contraindications for leech therapy in treating various conditions, the role of leeching in integrative medicine, and legal aspects.
Leech therapy is undergoing a renaissance, with applications in surgery and pain control.