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The family then decided to go for leech therapy, and within 15 to 20 days, there was 25 percent relief.
Chapter 6 expands on the benefits of leech therapy for rheumatic diseases and Chapter 7 explains the theory behind its use in plastic surgery.
Vibrio fluvialis wound infection associated with medicinal leech therapy.
They were randomized to a single session of leech therapy (four to six leeches placed on painful periarticular sites) or to topical diclofenac.
Leech therapy was used for centuries to treat inflammation in joints but it fell out of favour more than 100 years ago.
He is one of hundreds of researchers at dozens of medical schools studying these previously untested techniques, collectively referred to as "complementary and alternative medicine" or "CAM"--everything from meditation, acupuncture, and herbalism to radical procedures like chelation, colonics, and leech therapy.
It appeared to be concentrated in her upper shoulder and back area, so other herbal mendicants were consulted whose specialty was leech therapy.
And American surgeons are finding it less difficult to convince their patients to accept leech therapy.