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He seemed anxious to reach home and be left alone as quickly as possible; but this was not to be.
At other times her one petition was to be left alone.
So I am to be left alone in my old age," he murmured.
He, left alone, had promptly fallen asleep; and thus De Montfort's men found and captured him within sight of the bell-tower of the Priory of Lewes, where the King and his royal allies lay peacefully asleep, after their night of wine and dancing and song.
Why, I only beg that I may not be left alone, at least this evening; grant me that, and I will submit, if you think, after what is past, I ought to see him in your company.
It was not long before Kory-Kory and myself were left alone in the house, the rest of its inmates having departed for the Taboo Groves.
The prisoner answered with a sullen nod; and being left alone again, sat brooding over what he had heard, and pondering upon the hopes the recent conversation had awakened; gazing abstractedly, the while he did so, on the light without, and watching the shadows thrown by one wall on another, and on the stone-paved ground.
As the green vines and creepers closed after him, and the explorers were left alone with their possessions piled around them, Ned remarked:
You did no such a thing; you put it on because you was left alone, though you knew well enough I wouldn't have let you.
Grimaud was left alone with the executioner, who in a few moments opened his eyes.
Thus left alone, Cornelius threw himself on his bed, but he slept not, he kept his eye fixed on the narrow window, barred with iron, which looked on the Buytenhof; and in this way saw from behind the trees that first pale beam of light which morning sheds on the earth as a white mantle.
Henry and Agnes were left alone in the Room of the Caryatides.

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