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Among the company's pain offerings is Hyland's Leg Cramps Ointment, which features all-natural active ingredients and is said to provide fast relief, relaxing the cramp and easing pain for joints, legs, knees and feet.
In no time at all, they discover that the more they walk, the longer they are able to walk before the leg cramps kick in.
So Israeli researchers assigned 94 people who reported getting leg cramps at night to take either magnesium oxide (520 milligrams) or a placebo at bedtime every night.
If you frequently get leg cramps or cramping continues despite stretching your calves, see your doctor to help determine the cause.
Measures that can be taken to help prevent leg cramps include avoiding over-stretching the legs, pointing the toes, and walking excessively; wearing low-heeled shoes; wearing support hose; and arising slowly from a sitting position.
It has also got added benefits, as you mentioned: leg cramps have been less than I would have anticipated since taking the tonic.
Often, leg cramps develop for no apparent reason, but there are factors that may increase your risk: heavy alcohol consumption, dehydration, sitting too long, prolonged standing, deficiencies in magnesium, calcium and other nutrients, and use of certain medications, such as diuretics and statin drugs.
Symptoms started about 4 hours after she took two tablets of Quinine 324 mg each, which she got from her mother for nocturnal leg cramps.
Up to 60 percent of adults suffer from nocturnal leg cramps," said Frederick Fabozzi, Founder and CEO of JJ Global Labs.
PAINFUL leg cramps can happen to anyone, but tend to be common among seniors.
Mr Munro said: "Gareth was suffering with leg cramps and fatigue, but his golf was almost perfect.
Hemodialysis-related cramps and nocturnal leg cramps can coexist in patients on dialysis, but no studies were identified regarding any relationship.