Legal Age

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Legal Age

The time of life at which a person acquires full capacity to make his or her own contracts and deeds and to transact business or to enter into some particular contract or relation, such as marriage.

In most states a minor attains legal age at eighteen, although for certain acts, such as consuming alcoholic beverages, the age might be higher; for others, such as driving, the age might be lower. Legal age is synonymous with age of consent or age of majority.

legal age

n. the age in which a person is responsible for his/her own actions (including the capacity to enter into a contract which is enforceable by the other party), for damages for negligence or intentional wrongs without a parent being liable, and for punishment as an adult for a crime. In almost all states the basic legal age is 18, which is the universal American voting age under the 26th Amendment to the Constitution, ratified in 1971. States' laws vary as to legal age for drinking or buying alcoholic beverages (sometimes with differences between beer and hard liquor), marriage with or without parental consent, driving, prosecution for crimes, the right to choose an abortion, and liability for damages. (See: minority, infancy, juvenile court, age of consent)

See: majority
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And in several communities, the minimum legal age has been raised to 21.
The current legal age is 18 which, even though it is in keeping with international standards, is hardly workable in Bahrain given the nature of road networks, traffic and the collective driving etiquette of motorists.
It is common practise for girls between the ages of 15 and 17 to marry, despite the legal age being 18.
In the rural areas of Rajasthan, every fourth marriage, and in Bihar and Jharkhand, every fifth marriage takes place below the legal age of 18 years, the report has found.
Hence the proposed legal age was lifted from 15, as they might be too young to fend for themselves and are not in that mental state of maturity.
The situation is likely to get worse next month as changes to the law mean retailers will have to ask any customer who appears to be under the age specified in their own policy for photographic ID, rather than just anyone under the legal age of 18.
the large number of legal age drinking consumers and the importance of tourism in the Philippines, which will help brandy and rum sales in the next 5 years.
In 2008, Egypt's child protection law was amended to raise the legal age of marriage for both males and females from 16 to 18.
WE'VE banned smoking in enclosed public places, banned advertising it, printed frightening messages on its packaging and raised the legal age of purchase to 18.
Lowering the legal age for drinking to 18 is one of the worst things we could do.
THERE'S no legal age for babysitting - parents just need to use their common sense.
The legal age of consent for sex is 16, which means that the act between the minor and the 29-year-old can only be described as rape since consent is not even raised.