legal representative

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Legal Representative

In its broadest sense, one who stands in place of, and represents the interests of, another. A person who oversees the legal affairs of another. Examples include the executor or administrator of an estate and a court appointed guardian of a minor or incompetent person.This term is almost always held to be synonymous with the term personal representative. In accident cases, the member of the family entitled to benefits under a Wrongful Death statute.

legal representative

noun administrator, appointed representative, attorney-at-law, authorized individual, authorized representative, executor, executrix, legal agent, legal proxy, legal spokesman, legal substitute, professional representative
Associated concepts: personal representative
See also: administrator, advocate, attorney in fact, counselor, executor, jurist
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Legal Representative: Seidel and James Baxter of the Baxter Law Firm, Benton
The legal representative stated that he was in the process of completing the necessary measures to change the legal status from a limited liability company to a limited company, in accordance with the provisions of the specifications.
Watts "takes Cece's favorite blanket and smothers her," the legal representative told Dr.
In conclusion, new laws and amendments have instituted criminal liability on companies and have therefore led to confusion as to whether it is the company or its legal representative who shall be responsible for offences committed in the name and for the account of a company.
'We discovered after serving all the processes on him personally that he was without any legal representative and It is a must before the next adjournment date.
BEIRUT: A Kenyan woman who was beaten in public by several people in Beirut's Burj Hammoud last month was deported by General Security over the weekend, the woman's legal representative told The Daily Star Monday.
Such information will only be disclosed to third parties if a written consent from the service user, or their legal representative, is provided.
A legal representative on behalf of the council argued that you wouldn't escape liability for driving 100mph because there's no signs telling you not to, and consequently there were no grounds for appealing the tolls due to lack of signage.
Judge Walsh said McGregor or any defendant facing a charge needed to "either come to my court and make an argument themselves or send a legal representative on their behalf ".
Judge Mohammad Bashir dismissed the pleas from Dar's counsel to exempt his client from appearance and to appoint a legal representative on his behalf.
The legal representative of Americana Group has been summoned for investigation, and a lawsuit has been moved.
A 58-year-old Sudanese legal representative for the market testified: "His job was to prepare the documents to the shareholders to send the cheques to them.

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