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Otto understands the relationship between the legal codes as that of complementing (Erganzen) rather than replacing (Ersetzen), an argument he develops further in an additional chapter (pp.
To help them govern, Mesopotamian kings wrote the world's first legal codes.
His predecessor Lord (George) Carey wrote in the News of the World: "He has in my opinion overstated the case for accommodating Islamic legal codes.
Part of the administration's new security policy would be to "help build police forces, court systems, and legal codes, local and provincial government institutions, and electoral systems.
A comparison of laws in 63 countries in 1938 and 192 countries in 2003 analysing legal codes, case studies and reports submitted to the LIN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, found that 83 countries now have egalitarian marriage rights compared to just five in 1938.
Are not MSPs subject to the same moral and legal codes that we, the public, are?
From legal codes and court records to police reports and school and zoning records, the maze of government agencies and information holdings are compiled into chapters with easy headings for quick consultation.
However, from a cultural standpoint the trials fit neatly within a broader debate about the way in which Western legal codes recognise indigenous cultural practice.
In his 1993 book Legislating Immorality, the Tennessee-based Grant laments the fact that legal codes calling for the death penalty for gay people have been abolished.
He said that even in war, human society has established legal codes of conduct that must be respected.
They intend to sweep away totally our present system of sovereign nation states, with their individual constitutions, legal codes, traditions, and customs, to be replaced by a new world order, a global, collectivist, Orwellian police state.
The state of Rhode Island and six cities, including West Hollywood and Berkeley, have replaced pet ``owner'' with ``guardian'' in their legal codes.