legal costs

See: damages
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Today firms often opt to settle out of court, fearing legal costs could spiral.
BBC lawyers have slammed singer Sir Cliff Richard for racking up legal costs of close to PS1million in his abuse probe court battle.
The French bank reported the fall in profit after it earmarked further provisions for potential legal costs.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 26, 2016-ECB finds legal costs burn one-third of Europe bank profits
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 26, 2016-ECB finds legal costs burn one-third of Europe bank profits
He added legal costs were another serious issue for the industry as they account for 60% of all payouts when the case goes to court.
The authority says it has now spent about PS600,000 in legal costs since 2014 when the dispute began over a PS14.
The Bill delivers on the Programme for Government commitment to Establish independent regulation of the legal professions to improve access and competition, make legal costs more transparent and ensure adequate procedures for addressing consumer complaints.
Neat Legal Services - the clinical negligence arm of legal costs consultancy Lawlords - has launched its first North East base on Newcastle's Quayside.
The Welsh Government incurred external legal costs of PS200,000 after the environmental group sought to derail its draft plans for a PS1bn new stretch of motorway south of Newport on environmental grounds.
LEGAL services business Pure Legal Costs Consultants has taken 4,000 sq ft of office space at Kings Business Park in Huyton.
Home Office legal costs have soared from PS39million in 2010 to PS80million last year, new figures reveal.