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Modifying the legal criteria of what is required of physicians may enhance the quality of care supplied by mediocre physicians without curtailing the quality of care supplied by first-rate physicians.
This article reflects on the concept of professional liability and the legal criteria employed in assessing it.
II, these legal criteria (or heuristics) direct attention toward
It sometimes shifts the legal goalposts by saying it has new legal criteria on which to list the same company.
Tackling some defects in the Finance Ministry sectors should not be based on reactions, he said, stressing that he is seeking to accomplish "genuine reforms on basis of professional and legal criteria, free from subjectivity or un-objective conclusions.
The model sessions will kick-start on November 28 to shed light on main current global issues, including particularly smoking by the adolescents, the European Union debt crisis, peaceful use of nuclear energy and its environmental effects and legal criteria for international intervention to ensure peace.
Summary: Court spokesman says 36 candidates chosen by parliamentary commission do not meet legal criteria.
The utility has also recently started storing rainwater that has accumulated inside the water barriers around the tanks if the radiation level exceeds the legal criteria.
The two legal chiefs reminded that it was within the constitutional and legislative powers and discretion of the AG and legal service, based on legal criteria, to refer this specific case to the Larnaca district court.
The CNG dealer has not only levelled baseless allegations against the members and Chairman of the Authority who are the professionals of high integrity and are appointed by the federal government as per legal criteria on the basis of their outstanding qualification and experience but also used derogatory language against them in the statement in question.
But the Commission ignored it and decided that the marketing authorisation could not be granted because the dossier did not meet legal criteria.
Brady's legal team argued that, despite his severe personality disorder, he is not mentally ill and therefore no longer fulfils the legal criteria for detention in hospital.