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In the context of GeorgiaEe's capital market development, GeorgiaEe's amended Tax Code provides for preferential treatment of capital gain and interest income on debt and equity instruments issued by a resident legal entity through a public offering and admitted for trading on an organized market recognized by the National Bank of Georgia; In this context, as of January 2018, resident and non-resident individuals and non-resident legal entities are exempt from personal and corporate income taxes on capital gain from debt and equity securities and on interest income from debt securities.
Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje and for its invoicing by the supplier although he knew that such turnover is fictitious for other legal entities and in the course of 2011 until late August for the legal entity Ugljar Vienna.
individual entrepreneur, regardless of the organizational and legal form, form of ownership, location and place of origin of capital, which meets the requirements specified in this procurement documentation, except for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs included in the register of suppliers (contractors, executors), temporarily not allowed to purchase, and (or) legal entities and individual entrepreneurs included in the register of commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs with Vyshen risk of committing offenses in the economic sphere.
It enables clear and unique identification of legal entities participating in financial transactions.
The number of legal entities reported to have dishonoured cheques rose 12 per cent to 29 while the number of legal entities that did the same fell 17 per cent in February to 38, the central bank said.
9% y-o-y growth), and the number of legal entities was
Ministry of Justice has discovered some features of registration of legal entities with foreign participation specifically for Tazabek.
In all, 1,301 bounced cheques worth e1/41,522,083 were issued in the first six months, with 378 individuals and 667 legal entities already in the "preliminary list", one step before the final listing in the CIR credit information register black list.
Domestic physical and legal entities and foreign legal entities are entitled to provide bids at the notice.
Though they may be inherited through mergers and acquisitions formed to meet specific financial and operational goals, legal entities accumulate quickly.
But it must be used wisely and properly--such as by signing agreements as a representative of one of the legal entities in a way that clearly demonstrates that you are not signing them personally.
A reporting entity could include multiple legal entities, it could be just a portion of a legal entity, or it might not be organized as a legal entity at all.