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The dollar awards did not go to a resident that may have been injured, but for the legal fees that were awarded separate in the judgments.
3DCA 2010), the Florida Third District Court of Appeal invalidated a law firm's charging lien for unpaid legal fees that was asserted against the collected proceeds of an insurance claim for a former client, Jesse Quiroga.
Summary: LOS ANGELES - A federal appeals court on Monday ordered Exxon Mobil Corp to pay 5.9 percent interest back to 1996 on a judgment in the Valdez oil spill off Alaska's coast, and to pay its own legal fees for the appeal.
If the litigation moves forward, legal fees can grow and overshadow the original claim.
A board can therefore unilaterally reduce the protections afforded by a corporation's bylaws, including with respect to indemnification or the advancement of legal fees. In particular, the board has this right under Delaware law, the applicable corporate law for the majority of corporations in the United States.
"There were promises to cut legal fees, particularly at election time, but no action was taken.
Even so, they are entitled to a benefit no one else receives: the ability to structure their legal fees. Indeed, contingent fee lawyers are the only ones who can structure legal fees.
The amount of taxpayers' money spent on compensation and associated legal fees by the force peaked at pounds 5.4m in 2000/01, figures from Merseyside Police Authority show.
Being an additional insured is an important and highly effective tool to ensure that you do not have to pay the legal fees and damages that typically arise from a job site accident.
Happ also intimated that the agreement should have only necessitated repayment if he did not act in good faith, rather than specifically outline that he would have to repay legal fees if found guilty of insider trading.
2679 would deny legal fees and out-of-pocket expenses to plaintiffs who win lawsuits under the First Amendment's Establishment Clause, which bars government from promoting religion.