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Providing legal identity for all people by 2030 is a target shared by the international community as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (target 16.
DEAR Editor, The main political parties on Birmingham City Council, and the leadership of the Sutton Conservative group, have said they will approve the legal identity of the new Sutton Coldfield Town Council at a full meeting of the city council in September.
By combining Biometric Signature ID's innovative gesture biometric, BioSig-ID[TM], with B Virtual's live online credentialing professionals, Sure-ID will provide a new level of trust that links legal identity with biometric identity for the first time in a consumer level product.
With that evidence, ACS immediately approved the passport request, enabling Kim to begin re-establishing his legal identity after 20 years of being undocumented.
By 2030 provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.
The Scottish Parliament was established under the `Scotland Act 1998' and the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body is it's legal identity.
The company operates under the name Yale International, although its legal identity will remain Spreckels Industries, Inc.
The Company operates under the name Yale International although its legal identity will remain Spreckels Industries Inc.
Signix's solution verifies and authenticates the legal identity of prospects interacting with web sites or online electronic forms and provides the means to obtain legal digital signatures on required documents, thus eliminating the need to print and mail paper forms previously requiring a wet signature.
10, 2004, while the company's legal identity will remain Wausau-Mosinee Paper Corporation until its annual meeting in April, when shareholders will vote on a legal name change.
The representative office provides INTA with a legal identity in China that will facilitate the Association's activities and strengthen its relationship with governmental bodies and other trademark associations in the country.