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QNA Tunis Qatar is participating in the first Arab Ministerial Conference on Belonging and Legal Identity, which began on Wednesday.
If one is different it could have been replaced as a result of a forced entry or a bid to remove its legal identity.
A large percentage of Pakistan's population lacks the country's core legal identity document, the CNIC issued by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), he added.
Secondly legal identity especially for the uneducated minority groups remains to be a challenge.
He said that access to resources, social services and economic opportunities are all linked to the proof of legal identity.
Besides, legal identity especially for the uneducated minority groups remained a challenge.
Intersex persons should be issued legal identity documents that reflect preferred gender and the government should ensure that intersex persons and organisations are consulted with regard to laws and policies that have an impact on their rights,' the letter adds.
The Ambassadors are senior-level state officials with well-defined missions of promoting and managing legal identity in their countries.
Rohingya children need a political solution to the issue of legal identity and citizenship.
Article 2 states that the Centre for Competition Protection and Monopoly Prevention shall enjoy a legal identity and financial and administrative autonomy.
Each Filipino will have a legal identity to access government services in a faster and easier manner,' Bersales told reporters.
What can be done where there is, for example, loss of legal identity through displacement?