age of majority

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Age of Majority

The age at which a person, formerly a minor or an infant, is recognized by law to be an adult, capable of managing his or her own affairs and responsible for any legal obligations created by his or her actions.

A person who has reached the age of majority is bound by any contracts, deeds, or legal relationships, such as marriage, which he or she undertakes. In most states the age of majority is eighteen, but it may vary depending upon the nature of the activity in which the person is engaged. In the same state the age of majority for driving may be sixteen while that for drinking alcoholic beverages is twenty-one.

Another name for the age of majority is legal age.

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age of majority

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Todd attained his legal majority. He then took a jaunt to Boston to purchase medicines, and, as some intimated, to walk the hospital; we know not how the latter might have been, but, if true, he soon walked through it, for he returned within a fortnight, bringing with him a suspicious-looking box, that smelled powerfully of brimstone.
The last general assembly of the Sinai Cement company approved the amendments to the formation of the company's board of directors during 2018 by a legal majority which now includes 9 members.
The letter, which is co-signed by 20 bodies including Amnesty International and Unicef UK, said: "We recognise that many young people may wish to choose a career in the armed forces, but in view of the risks and legal obligations involved, the choice to enlist should be fully informed and only made once the young people have reached the age of legal majority."
In some countries, drinking age precedes the age of legal majority; in others, it coincides with it; and in still others, drinking is delayed well past that threshold.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Iraqi Parliament has decided on Monday to adjourn its session, assigned to discuss the 2012 Federal Budget until the 14th of the current month, due to the non-completion of its legal majority attendance of today's session, according to a statement by a media source of the Parliament.
per cent "restructuring threshold" to ensure that the proposal is deemed to be ratified by a legal majority of its trade creditors.
The reality is that whilst teenagers still drink freely in our parks with alcohol bought illegally from neighbouring areas, the legal majority are prevented from buying alcohol after a hard day's work.
Instead, she writes, "almost all jurists agreed that the absence of consent from a woman in her legal majority, even if married off by her natural guardian, invalidated a marriage contract" (p.
Issues specific to research on children must also be addressed, including the need to obtain consent from responsible adults and to obtain affirmation or assent from children whenever possible; the potential need to break confidentiality in cases where a child's safety may be at risk; and issues related to the use of stored specimens when participants reach the age of legal majority. However, the authors conclude that appropriate strategies can be implemented to address and overcome these ethical challenges.
National authorities could also insist that the spouse must be above a certain age, with the maximum allowable minimum being the age of legal majority in the host Member State.
Credit is available subject to legal majority and to status and conditions.