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Procurement Gas Supply for 12 Months for the 79 Instituiii with Legal Personality, with 164 Points Underlying Consumption in the City of Brasov, as Detailed in Appendix 1 Total Quantity Requested (Estimated to 12 Months): 37 100 Mwh Year.
The constitution gives the EU its own legal personality, which some observers see as an important step in turning it into a state in its own right, rather than a body set up to serve member states.
Implementation of and on behalf of the Purchaser all activities relating to the rental and leasing of part or all of an object Centre, together with technical and organizational support to legal entities, individuals and organizational entities without legal personality on market conditions equal for all operators.
The constitution would give the EU a distinct legal personality, making it an international body in its own right rather than merely an agreement between member states.
When a bidder or contractor selected in this contract for a consortium which has no legal personality, each of its partners may be ordering the bank guarantee, the importer of the bail amount.
With its headquarters in Damascus, the Commission will be associated with the Prime Minister and will enjoy legal personality and financial and administrative independence.
In international law the European Union, having been given its own constitution and legal personality, will speak for all its member states, for all time, and the transfer of sovereignty is permanent.
15, Intends to Purchase for Headquarters and Its Subordinate Units in Structure and Without Legal Personality, That Brml Headquarters, Nim Drml Bucharest, Drml Ploiesti, Bacau Drml, Drml Bra Ov, Cluj Drml , Drml Constan A, Drml Craiova and Drml Timi Time as Needed and Within the Approved Budget, Repair and Maintenance of Motor Vehicles and Associated Equipment Required for Vehicle Repair and Maintenance of Equipment, Associated Car Park.
Independent administrative authorities have legal personality (including AMF and senior health authority)
These proposals are not nation states working together, we do not need to transfer sovereignty bit by bit to the EU until there is none left, take on EU Citizenship, give the EU Legal Personality, for it to speak for us internationally and sign treaties on our behalf, simply for nation states working together.
She was called to the bar in 1976, became a Queen's Counsel in 1995, and assistant recorder and in 1997 was named the legal personality of the year.
Procurement in Order to Carry Out Specific Activities in Good Conditions, Romanian Office of Legal Metrology, Represented By the Regional Directorate of Legal Metrology Cluj - Napoca -Service Satu Mare County Legal Metrology, Unit of Structure Without Legal Personality, Plans to Purchase A Pneumatic Kit Pressure as Follows: 1 Pc.