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Natural persons, legal persons and organizational units without legal personality, including graphic designers, designers, visual artists, graduates and academic staff of art academies, unrelated to the Solidarity and Valor Institute, may participate in the competition.
Summary: The authority shall have the legal personality, legal capacity and financial and administrative independence
The court then went on to conclude that "Samruk lacks de facto-economic independence in its relation to Kazakhstan, in the sense that Samruk cannot invoke its separate legal personality against Kazakhstan in order to pursue a policy of its own that deviates from the policy of (those politically responsible in) Kazakhstan- it has to be assumed that Samruk has been established by Kazakhstan (at least partially) with a view to shield Kazakhstan's assets from Kazakhstan's creditors.
He covers three illustrative cases, an overview of the key moments in the development of NATO, current institutional framework of NATO and its decision making process, the international legal personality of NATO, binding international obligations to NATO's operations, and attributes of wrongful acts to NATO.
The trade union organization is defined in the law as a collective trade union that has been formed and has acquired its legal personality in accordance with the law.
The Articles of Association also say that the company is established pursuant to amendments to the Energy Law, which will come into force on January 1, 2018, providing for a spin-off of distribution system operator activities from joint stock company Latvijas Gaze into a separate legal company with an independent legal personality.
2016-22 of 24 March 2016 on the right of access to information, the Access to Information Mechanism is an autonomous public body with legal personality.
PNN/ Ramallah/ While the Israeli government and its allies continue their attempts to stop the Palestinian diplomatic stream aimed at preserving the international legal personality of the State of Palestine, in preparation for its recognition as a full member of the United Nations, the occupation authorities continue their plans to destroy any opportunity to embody .
Assuming for the sake of argument Pagcor is not the absolute and registered owner of the property, it can still enter into a valid contract owing to the fact that it has control and/or possession over the area and has the legal personality to do so.
Dhreima, which means "a desert flower that grows in a difficult atmosphere", is a public organisation with an independent legal personality that empowers orphans to be proud of who they are.
Second, if a subdivision has international legal personality, are treaties into which its parent State enters opposable to it?
He stressed the importance of legal experiences in honing the legal personality, advising the students to give care to academic research which helps to better understand the issue to tackle.