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The police shifted the dead body to the hospital after carrying legal procedure.
The upholders of merit not only appointed 14 people without following legal procedure but also changed the cadres of grades to avoid NTS tests for some positions,' he added.
Absar Alam's counsel Ali Shah Gilani informed the court that the legal procedure was adopted in the appointment process of PEMRA chairman in letter and spirit.
Thus, at the moment the state and PJSC PrivatBank have moved to a legal procedure for the repossession and application of an appropriate legal strategy, the specific steps of which can not be disclosed now.
Is there a legal procedure a person must follow to change her/his name?
We are taking this legal procedure against Blair since he took the decision [in his capacity as the British prime minister then] to participate with the United States in the invasion of Iraq in 2003 without the permission of the UK's House of Commons.
Kann also pinpointed to that financial problem related to public expenditure, assuring that the finance minister is studying the matter thoroughly with his team in order to come out with a legal procedure or frame relevant to the expenditure issue.
Bajrami announced that measures will be undertaken if violation of the legal procedure is established.
If this was the truth, it should be corrected through a legal procedure, Segavik says.
I'VE no idea how accurate a portrayal this is of police and legal procedure, given I'm neither a cop nor a lawyer, thank God.
Minister Milososki said Macedonia expected a legal procedure to begin for lifting of visas based on an individual approach and visas to be lifted by the end of this year.
Through the legal procedure these patients will want to know who selected the Weston centre for their treatment and were deaf ears turned to warnings by local surgeons that there was a risk by using foreign doctors.