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Neither of us knew her personally, so we arranged to meet her at the AALS-sponsored Conference on The Law School Curriculum and the Legal Rights of Women that she had helped to organize which was to take place at NYU Law School on October 20-21, 1972.
The Karachi Literature Festival also highlighted important issues for women such as honour killings and the legal rights of women in Pakistan with notable speakers such as Anita Weiss lending their perspective.
Since the mid-1980s, activists have been increasingly demanding both the legal recognition of Berber as an official language and the legal rights of women.
The Sunni section was issued in June 2009 and implemented in July the same year, but the legal rights of women are still limited due to the absence of the Jaffari section of the law.
Within this framework, efforts to promote the social, political and legal rights of women carry crucial importance, Kavaf underlined.
The writer, whose works are based largely on the difficulties of Moroccan society, stresses that the reforms made in recent years to improve the legal rights of women are "significant.
The program comes within a project to enhance the legal rights of women implemented by the society with a view to form a coalition for the rights of women in Jordan and activate the SIDAW agreement concerned with ending all forms of discrimination against women.
Even before Congress sent the ERA to the states for ratification in 1972, Schlafly denounced it as radical, unnecessary, and a menace to Christian chivalry, the legal rights of women, and the American family.
The legal rights of women, currently in limbo between civil and religious law, need reinforcement.
Eighteen contributions written by women directly involved in war at a professional level as well as those who were caught in the center of it focusing on the needs and legal rights of women in war, many of which are completely ignored.
Shari'a governs the personal legal rights of women, although the new Constitution provides for women's political rights.
Employers must ensure that the legal rights of women employees around the time of childbirth are protected.