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In a joint statement the hospital and university said the move was a legal technicality and widely anticipated.
TWO gardai accused of forging notes of interview with an Omagh bomb suspect were cleared after a judge's ruling on a legal technicality yesterday.
The club havebeenbeatenby a legal technicality which last night left them seriously out of pocket.
The couple arrived during the weekend hoping to take advantage of Haiti's divorce laws, which were introduced especially for foreigners, and perhaps get married today but were delayed by the legal technicality.
Louis Eppolito, 57, and 63-year-old Stephen Caracappa had their convictions on charges, which could have seen them get life in jail, thrown out on a legal technicality.
THREE neds who took part in a crime wave have lost a bid to overturn their convictions on a legal technicality.
He said his lawyers had assured him that this attempt was watertight after the Standard Life board rejected an earlier effort in February on a legal technicality.
SHAMED pop mogul Jonathan King, jailed for sex abuse on schoolboys, could be freed on a legal technicality.
The decision to drop the case on a legal technicality was branded an "absolute disgrace" by the alleged victims.
The jury was discharged last month on a legal technicality at Haverfordwest crown court.
Mike Hamill, 44, claimed a legal technicality meant that a disqualification and an order that he re-sit his driving test could not be enforced.
A FEMALE firefighter who had her sexual harassment complaint rejected on a legal technicality is appealing against the decision.