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Slang; technical jargon used by attorneys that is often beyond the comprehension of the nonlawyer.

States enact "plain English" laws that require the translation of legalese into everyday language to permit consumers to understand thei insurance policies, deeds, mortgages, leases, credit card financing agreements, and other legal documents.

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n. slang for the sometimes arcane, convoluted and specialized jargon of lawyers and legal scholars.

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the language used by the legal profession, a term now used pejoratively.
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(Cleaned up) has even won over legal writing extraordinaire Bryan Garner as he voiced his approval of the parenthetical in a tweet following Judge Reaveley's opinion in Reyes.
The second part presents some of Professor Kimble's essays on legal writing generally (it's called "On Legal Writing Generally," so we can all follow along).
Professor Barger has been a leader in the growing national movement recognizing the important, and often underestimated, at least in the past, role of legal writing and legal-writing instruction, reflected in her work with the Association of Legal Writing Directors, which selected her to be the primary author of the both the fifth and sixth editions of The ALWD Guide to Legal Citation, and the Blackwell Award bestowed on her last year.
Fourth, the two-track system places unnecessary barriers between subject areas of law and misleads students about the nature of legal writing. The rhetoric adopted by many law school faculties that identifies certain courses (e.g., torts, constitutional law, property) as "doctrinal" or "substantive" and legal research and writing as "skills" encourages the view that legal writing does not teach doctrine or substance.
1990s, electronic legal research began to take hold in the legal writing
The award recognizes outstanding legal writing by an attorney, paralegal or team who has produced written material that was of wide interest to the Navy community and dealt with issues having a significant impact on the service while also going above and beyond the routine correspondence produced in the course of daily duties.
The rise of legal writing's importance in the legal academy has coincided with recognition of writing's importance in a lawyer's professional life.
On Candlin et al.'s reading, an important concern in legal writing is the need to specify the appropriate legal scope of application of a statement or rule (1) (learning to write legal discourse is part of a process of learning to participate in the affairs of the legal community).
They're notoriously hard to track, but capturing your attorneys' successes and getting them onto biographies and practice descriptions is absolutely critical to any successful piece of legal writing. If you're overseeing an alert or newsletter article, ask for concrete examples of how that particular legislation or decision will affect your firm's clients.
And the school has recently received its largest gift ever: $1 million to create the Mort Goulder Professorship of Legal Writing, which will train students to express legal concepts in dear, concise, plain language."
Going Beyond the Legal Writing Classroom: Using Practitioners'
traditional structures of legal writing. The diversity of