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LEGATES. Legates are extraordinary ambassadors sent by the pope to catholic countries to represent him, and to exercise his jurisdiction. They are distinguished from the ambassadors of the pope who are sent to other powers.
     2. The canonists divide them into three kinds, namely: 1. Legates A latere. 2. Legati missi. 3. Legati nati.
     3.-1. Legates latere hold the first rank among those who are honored by a legation; they are always chosen from the college of cardinals, and are called a latere, in imitation of the magistrates of ancient Rome, who were taken from the court, or side of the emperor.
     4.-2. The legati missi are simple envoys.
     5.-3. The legati nati, are those who are entitled to be legates by birth.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Before the wrestling season began her sophomore year, LeGates again asked to join the team.
In addition to their continued requirement in water resources investigations, such data became crucial for calibrating satellite-derived estimates and for validating climate models, while the temporal length of the gauge-based record increasingly provided value in global climate change research (Legates 1995; New et al.
Two separate trials were held in Pomerelia, one in 1320 and 1339, and both were held before papal legates.
The popes never attended, but controlled things from Rome via their legates, who alone could present agenda items.
Galileo's trial did not take place in a large hemicycle, nor did it take place before six or seven Papal legates and a vast audience.
The articles collected in the second section on papal diplomacy are divided into those dealing with nuncios and legates, and those concerned with the papacy and France during the reign of Henri IV, although in fact these are largely concerned with some of the nuncios and legates discussed in the first group of articles.
Richard LeGates' THINK GLOBALLY, ACT REGIONALLY: GIS AND DATA VISUALIZATION FOR SOCIAL SCIENCE AND PUBLIC POLICY RESEARCH (1589481240, $64.95) shows how GIS technology can be used for beginning social science and public policy research courses.
As a solution, the gating system was changed to a more conventional system with the filter basin, runner bar and legates that were at the parting being moved to the top of the flange.
The ancient Jubilee tradition of opening the Holy Doors at the four patriarchal basilicas has always been carried out by four different people, the Pope and three Cardinal Legates. For the first time, on the occasion of Jubilee 2000, the Pope himself will open all four Holy Doors.
By this time Seripando, who was now a cardinal, had been named one of five papal legates charged with supervising the council proceedings.
Legates co-operated with the Primate of Numidia in these long drawn out proceedings.