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By entering into each chapter and section, "Chibi" not only allows its gamers to merge into the turbulent and legendary history of the three- kingdom era, but also to create their own three-kingdom stories.
He argues that there is a fundamental connection between the rules and the stories about first happenings in this epic, not because the rules were made up at various times to deal with specific problems, but because people who make up laws generally link them to legendary history and locate the origins of the laws so far back in time that no one can dispute them.
It, too, has done a lot of mischief in the wrong hands, but the nation whose real and legendary history it relates is not the one whose borders we see today.
HOPE DIAMOND: The Legendary History of a Cursed Gem RICHARD KURIN
Much homage was paid to Southern California's legendary history of once boasting the world's largest inter-urban electric rail system, the Red Cars that crisscrossed Los Angeles County.
Sachse, whose commanding two-volume history, The German Sectarians of Pennsylvania: A Critical and Legendary History of the Ephrata Cloister and the Dunkers (Philadelphia, Penn.
Many drivers still crawling along the M6, however, believe the toll route is making only a marginal difference to the motorway's legendary history of congestion at peak times.
The text is not in itself Arthurian, but forms part of the legendary history of Britain so intricately linked to Arthurian literature.
James focuses on the legendary history of Britain and the founding of the kingdom of Britain by Brutus, the Trojan prince whose story was famously told in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae and frequently invoked as a way of distinguishing and glorifying England.
The legendary history also proliferated in vernacular versions, first of all in Anglo-Norman and English verse and then, in the thirteenth century, in an Anglo-Norman prose paraphrase, surviving in nearly fifty manuscripts.
They carved creatures on the totems to symbolize the legendary history of each family or clan.