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I must admit I ended up a wee bit of a pest as the night unfolded because I followed Mr Will around like a kitten in the hope to hear some of his legendary stories about guys such as Michel Platini and Maradona.
THERE are legendary stories about people being lost all night trying to find Mildenhall, getting tantalisingly close before a local, doing their best to be helpful, sends you to the old track at Wisbech
Boca Junior, going beyond the field to examine the legendary stories associated with the rivalry and impact the series has had on each Buenos Aires neighborhood.
A number of spooky tours resurrect legendary stories of the witches, spirits and ghosts which are sure to send chills up anyone's spine.
The result is a chaotic collection of rambling, ragged songs - captured over 28 tracks and two CDs - and some legendary stories of hedonistic excess.
Consider, for example, the moral insight associated with the collection of legendary stories known as The Arabian Nights (or The Thousand and One Nights).
Veteran sports journalist John Keith, who wrote The Essential Shankly, said: ``The thing about Nessie was she figured in a lot of the legendary stories about Bill.
A mock castle for younger kids allows them to re-enact swashbuckling battles evoked by the legendary stories of Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Black Douglas and King Robert the Bruce, all of whom have connections with Drumlanrig.
The legendary stories of being able to buy not just general merchandise products, like clothing and home goods, but automobiles and even homes were all true.
We might all know the legendary stories told about the former world champ.
Councillor Leon Unczur, who is the Sheriff of Nottingham, said, "We know that, when Hollywood's spotlight shines on Robin, even more people will want to come to Nottingham to see where his legendary stories unfolded.