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The Health and Safety Executive cites insufficient management, lack of training and poor communication as major factors contributing to outbreaks of legionnaires' disease.
The health authority cautioned against the use of the pools after a baby born in one contracted Legionnaires' disease.
Voluntarily reported cases of Legionnaires' disease tripled from 2000 to 2009, to 3,522 annually.
They say it's not legionnaires' disease but it all adds up to the same thing.
Because many cases of Legionnaires' disease might go undiagnosed by clinicians, and because some clinicians do not report confirmed cases to national authorities, surveillance systems are likely to miss a sizeable proportion of Legionnaires' disease deaths (1).
Water sources that can cause Legionnaires' disease include anything that can create a fine mist of water droplets that can be inhaled, such as industrial cooling towers, air conditioning systems and water spas.
A hotline set up by the CDPH, meanwhile, has received over 100 calls from people both reporting symptoms similar to Legionnaires' disease and also looking for general information.
The declared end of the outbreak comes a day after around 40 people who caught Legionnaires' disease earlier this year called for a public inquiry into the outbreaks in both Stoke and Edinburgh.
A spokesman for Glenfield hospital, Leicester, said: "We are treating a patient transferred from the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, confirmed with Legionnaires' disease who is in a critical but stable condition.
A spokesman for University Hospital of North Staffordshire said: "The trust is currently treating 11 patients confirmed with Legionnaires' disease who are all in a stable or improving condition.
Since the beginning of June, 40 people have fallen victim to Legionnaires' disease with the number of suspected cases currently standing at 48.
Summary: Cases of a deadly outbreak of Legionnaires' disease are expected to peak this weekend.