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Alaska, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, Mississippi, New Jersey, Oregon, and Virginia all allow for some exclusion of either military personnel or prisoners in local or state legislative apportionment.
As a result of the three-fifths compromise brokered during the Constitutional Convention, slave states won the right to count three-fifths of their slave populations for purposes of legislative apportionment.
Sanders, (32) there have been hundreds of cases which have clarified the judicially imposed legislative apportionment mantra--one person, one vote.
Another major issue that will echo the 1977-78 revision commission will be legislative apportionment and whether an independent commission should handle this task.
Equally unsuitable for the Court, Tribe writes, would be a nominee who favored overturning the landmark legislative apportionment cases and who denounced any role at all for the federal judiciary in preserving the principle of "one person, one vote.
Thomas, Urban and Rural Representation and State Legislative Apportionment, 17 W.

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