Legislative power

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LEGISLATIVE POWER. The authority under the constitution to make laws and to alter or repeal them.

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All legislative powers of provinces would be delegated to GB assembly along with all subjects of GB council.
Even though the Supreme Court has shown little interest in reopening the debate over the delegation of legislative power to administrative agencies, scholars have published dozens of articles on the nondelegation doctrine in recent years.
The work consists of construction of a nano-filtration unit to improve the quality of the make-up water, reduce use of chemicals and prolong the life of the equipment at the Legislative Power House.
He explained that the independents from the legislative power have many ideas concerning the consensual solution in the next phase.
19) Following the principle that Congress cannot delegate power that it does not possess itself, (20) this note argues that such results are wrong precisely because these entities exercise legislative power, at least in certain instances, and therefore should be subject to the same constraints on legislative power as Congress.
The unit, known best with its abbreviation BORKOR, was established by the previous center-right government of Boyko Borisov, aiming to discover and counter cases of corruption at all levels of local, executive and legislative power.
Holland, the Supreme Court seemed to say, contrary to basic constitutional principles, that a treaty could increase the legislative power of Congress.
Under that scenario, the Shura Council would have held legislative power for a short time, for the purpose of drafting an electoral law.
Following several lawsuits arguing there were irregularities in the mechanism of the election, the court is to decide whether or not the Upper House -- which was given temporary legislative power -- is legal.
Grants SCAF legislative power until new parliamentary elections after adoption of a new constitution
He will officially hand over the legislative power to the Shura today when the council reconvenes as a full-blown legislature.
After the demonstrations, he swiftly reshuffled his cabinet and the government promised to create thousands of jobs, announced plans for municipal polls and granted the Shura Council some legislative power, with the right to approve or reject draft laws.

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