Legislative power

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LEGISLATIVE POWER. The authority under the constitution to make laws and to alter or repeal them.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"There is no single word or syllables in the MMDA law that grants MMDA police power, let alone legislative power. Even respondent MMC has not been delegated any legislative power," they stressed.
Even though the Supreme Court has shown little interest in reopening the debate over the delegation of legislative power to administrative agencies, scholars have published dozens of articles on the nondelegation doctrine in recent years.
He explained that the independents from the legislative power have many ideas concerning the consensual solution in the next phase.
These provisions serve the twin aims of protecting individuals from an improper use of legislative power and reinforcing the doctrine of separation of powers.
"With our votes, we give Parliament the legislative power to make laws.
The unit, known best with its abbreviation BORKOR, was established by the previous center-right government of Boyko Borisov, aiming to discover and counter cases of corruption at all levels of local, executive and legislative power. It was founded using a German model with the help of German experts.Despite the huge budget, allotted by the state budget, towering to BGN 18 M for a period of four years (2011 a 2014, including), the unit has been criticized for lack of concrete achievements and results.
Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court today rules that the law governing the election of the upper house of parliament, which is currently endowed with legislative power, was unconstitutional, deepening the legal confusion that has plagued the transition to democracy in Egypt.
On the other hand, the Speaker cabled his Jordanian counterpart, and congratulated him on his election on top of the legislative power.
Two-thirds of the Senate, the 270-member upper house known as the Shura Council, were elected in a vote early last year, with one third appointed by President Mohamed Morsi in December.Following several lawsuits arguing there were irregularities in the mechanism of the election, the court is to decide whether or not the Upper House -- which was given temporary legislative power -- is legal.
Grants SCAF legislative power until new parliamentary elections after adoption of a new constitution

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