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LEGISLATOR. One who makes laws.
     2. In order to make good laws, it is necessary to understand those which are in force; the legislator ought therefore, to be thoroughly imbued with a knowledge of the laws of his country, their advantages and defects; to legislate without this previous knowledge is to attempt to make a beautiful piece of machinery with one's eye shut. There is unfortunately too strong a propensity to multiply our laws and to change them. Laws must be yearly made, for the legislatures meet yearly but whether they are always for the better may be well questioned. A mutable legislation is always attended with evil. It renders the law uncertain, weakens its effects, hurts credit, lessens the value of property, and as they are made frequently, in consequence of some extraordinary case, laws sometimes operate very unequally. Vide 1 Kent, Com. 227 and Le Magazin Universel, tome ii. p. 227, for a good article against excessive legislation; Matter, De l'Influence des Lois sur les Moeurs, et de l'Influence des Moeurs sur les Lois.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Legislators have rejected an opposition-inspired motion aimed at impeaching President Jovenel Moise whom they had accused of high treason, violating the Haitian violated and was leading the country to 'the edge of the social explosion'.
This also means that legislators have been given the independence to vote above all pressures and considerations including their political affiliation.
Chang then called for a roll-call vote, which resulted in 16 legislators voting in favor and six against selecting Lee as CEC head.
On January 14, The PA unanimously approved amendment to its rules of procedure, empowering the Speaker to issue order of production of a legislator in custody for a session.
Without great personal wealth, passive income sources or generous spouses, more than a few legislators will have to work a second job.
The insider said people are asking them how those legislators could participate in process of the legislation who even did not know how to vote.
Of 129 legislators who were members of the last NA, 16 have changed their political affiliations.
Be clear about what action you would like the legislator to take.
Prepare a brief packet of materials for the legislator that may include a summary of what school librarians teach; students' level of access to print, digital, and computing devices; a list of state resources that are being utilized (i.e., online databases or a union catalog that is maintained with state funds); and material the library has produced for parents on literacy.
In the second chapter the author builds the linkages between the "formative" experiences of the Black female legislators and their political identity.
Abu, has landed in trouble after making misogynistic comments against women legislators in connection with the fracas that had happened in the assembly during the state budget presentation.
From 1945, when PERS was established, through 1970, legislators could not join PERS.