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LEGISLATOR. One who makes laws.
     2. In order to make good laws, it is necessary to understand those which are in force; the legislator ought therefore, to be thoroughly imbued with a knowledge of the laws of his country, their advantages and defects; to legislate without this previous knowledge is to attempt to make a beautiful piece of machinery with one's eye shut. There is unfortunately too strong a propensity to multiply our laws and to change them. Laws must be yearly made, for the legislatures meet yearly but whether they are always for the better may be well questioned. A mutable legislation is always attended with evil. It renders the law uncertain, weakens its effects, hurts credit, lessens the value of property, and as they are made frequently, in consequence of some extraordinary case, laws sometimes operate very unequally. Vide 1 Kent, Com. 227 and Le Magazin Universel, tome ii. p. 227, for a good article against excessive legislation; Matter, De l'Influence des Lois sur les Moeurs, et de l'Influence des Moeurs sur les Lois.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Following a third attempt to debate the motion in as many weeks this week, the legislators voted overwhelming to defeat the move with 53 Deputies voting against the measure, three in favour and five abstaining.
This blame game is unfair because the Constitution of Pakistan grants the legislators independence of choice through the system of secret ballot.
He said it makes no sense for the legislators to purport to have allocated themselves a night allowance in the name of 'domestic subsistence allowance' while on official Parliamentary Business.
KMT legislators Lee Yen-hsiu and Huang Chao-shun, as well as others, hurled water at the rostrum out of protest, the scene then turned to bedlam as blue and green legislators wrestled with each other in the cramped conference room.
An ethics amendment crafted by a corrupt legislator, Woods, that doesn't require a legislator to disclose that he has a financial relationship with people who have business before that committee is flawed indeed.
On January 10, legislators from both sides of the political divide become one voice on the issue of private schools charging heavy tuition fee from parents.
Dual-office holding laws prevent legislators from holding more than one elected or appointed office at the same time.
It has also raised a debate that how these legislators could be loyal to the common people who were 'disloyal' to their own parties despite the fact they reached the assembly using PML-N's platform.
About 18 of these legislators belong to PTI, nine to PML-N, five to PPPP, one MQM, one BAP and one as Independent.
ISLAMABAD -- The average attendance per sitting of National Assembly (NA) legislators declined by 13% over the last five years.
Sure they disagree vehemently with each other and put out scalding press releases, but legislators look out for one another.
ISLAMABAD -- Member of the so-called Kashmir Assembly, Engineer Abdur Rasheed, entered into a heated exchange of words with the BJP legislators when he shouted that he was not an Indian.