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75um-pixel, 1/4-inch lens aperture 3M-pixel CIS is a unique combination of Samsung's high resolution sensor technology and high speed serial interface that brings digital still camera-level picture quality to mobile handsets.
This filter is determined, for different lens apertures, as the inverse of the approximated vignetting function:
The 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss autofocus sensor, wide-angle lens, HD-quality video capture and large lens aperture enable great camera performance even in lowlighting conditions.
With a Contrast AF system, focusing is controlled by the image sensor so that mechanical margin of error is reduced to achieve precise focusing, thus boosting higher number of in focus shots, especially when shooting in low light with wide open lens aperture.
With this possibility photographer, in fact, significantly expands the choice of exposure selection and, assuming the same lighting and same exposure time, with increasing ISO speed photographer can shoot with a smaller lens aperture, or with reducing the ISO speed with larger lens aperture (Schnelle-Schneyder, 2003).
For the portrait the main criterion of selecting the lens aperture is sharpness of both eyes, so a maximum aperture lens that provides acuity of both eyes is selected (Mikota, 2000).
The Panorama MK-Ii (Model BED-24) and the Panorama MK-III (Model BED-35) feature a tubeless design with a 33mm reflex lens aperture.