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Thailand recently lost one royal who seemed to be a defender of free speech, or at least opposed to strict enforcement of lese majeste laws.
This case is an ugly reminder of the Thai authorities' increasing use of the lese majeste law as a tool of suppression.
In 2013, Sultan Qaboos pardoned dozens of activists jailed on lese majeste charges, violating the cyber law and wrongful gatherings.
Both pleaded guilty, a common practice in lese majeste cases, in December.
David Streckfuss's chapter on lese majeste also merits careful reading.
There is no crime now of compassing or imagining the death of the monarch, no penalty for lese majeste, though other countries (Thailand and Kazakhstan among them, but also the Netherlands) are not so fortunate.
On the other hand, I think this government is falling right behind the lese majeste law and movement and it may not be so healthy for Thai society, not to be able to look to the future, not to be able to discuss certain issues out in the open," he told Al Jazeera.
Though technically a discussion of Paschasius Radbertus's thoughts on the exile of Adalard and Wala (his masters and predecessors as abbot of Corbie), Steven Stofferahn's article is valuable as an overview of the development of lese majeste within Carolingian politics, and even more so as a convincing illustration of the way powerful nobles co-opted a royalist complex of ideas like maiestas to criticize royal policies.
Six: Who was the staffer who was charged with lese majeste for making a suggestion to Mary Junck?
Movement leader Nadia Yassine was arrested for lese majeste in June when she publicly confessed her belief that a republican government would better serve Morocco than a monarchy.
The concept of lese majeste is alien to our culture, much to the chagrin of our president, who has a penchant for royal and unquestionable obeisance from his underlings.
For society, suicide is, first and foremost, an act of lese majeste (literally, "injured majesty").