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The program is intended to encourage less-experienced investigators, investigators at institutions without well-developed research traditions and resources, and experienced investigators for exploratory studies that represent a significant change in their research direction.
In contrast to the less-experienced and less-magnetic performances of his current company, the detailed articulation of movement in this solo encapsulates the synergy of technique and imagination upon which Nikolais and Louis constructed their art.
When less-experienced personnel participate, they should be adequately supervised and encouraged to bring anything out of the ordinary to the attention of the partner, manager or other auditor in charge at that location.
One set should be geared toward the well-educated, experienced individual, while the other should focus on smaller, less-experienced companies.
Fiscal 2005 posted an especially large $18 million general fund surplus due to the replacement of many retired teachers with new or less-experienced teachers.
Klipfel said the nonleague meet is intended primarily for his less-experienced swimmers.
Mid-career CPAs now must prove that they are just as flexible, trainable and savvy as their younger and less-experienced counterparts, says Laurie Eppler, a former recruiter with Accountants Inc.
Sniffer MultiSegment Intelligence automatically correlates data between traces, exponentially reducing the time required to determine the root cause of application performance and allowing less-experienced network managers to solve network and application performance issues that were previously handled manually by only the most seasoned network expert.
The less-experienced Toreadors seemed rattled after losing their first-game lead and couldn't recover, even though they took the first two points of the second game.
Although it is a relatively simple procedure, under less-experienced care there are always risks that include threads popping out of the skin, infection, and malposition.