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At the Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Conference in Los Angeles, I talk to less-lethal weapons manufacturers, representatives of the National Institute of Justice, officials of the Rome and Phillips laboratories, and executives of correctional facilities.
indicated that the 10X PAVA ROUNDS provide officers with the best option for controlling individuals and crowds in many more situations than solutions provided by other less-lethal weapons, such as the eclectic shock devices manufactured by Taser International (NASDAQ: TASR).
Although less-lethal weapons are used to incapacitate a person, they are not meant to kill them.
The Pentagon, he said, needs to acquire more flexible, less-lethal weapons to fight non-state enemies.
The police commission reviewed the department's three primary use-of-force policies - general use of force, pepper- spray use and how police apply control techniques and deploy less-lethal weapons - following criticism of police response to several violent protests in the late 1990s.
SAN DIEGO -- In order to alleviate confusion in reporting on less-lethal weapons, PepperBall Technologies, Inc.
Dr Ng was given a hands-on experience with the SAF's Less-Lethal Weapons, firing foam projectile rounds from the Multiple Grenade Launcher and the Electric Stun Gun.
More public information is required before it is deployed," he said at Jane's 8th Annual Less-Lethal Weapons Conference.
the leading producer of less-lethal weapons solutions, continues to expand its product line with the PepperBall([R]) FlashLauncher[TM], a compact use-of-force option for the law enforcement, private security, corrections and bail-enforcement markets.
Scott Oberdick, President and COO of NLT says: We look forward to this cooperative opportunity with the SBDS marketing team, to introduce our less-lethal weapons and munitions to the European defence, correctional and law enforcement communities.