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Other 0 0 Subtotal 0 0 Assets with Reorganization Value lessthan USD$ 5,000 Subtotal (transactions) 1,895 N.
One hypothesis, based on human capital theory, is that women choose female-dominated occupations because those occupations are more compatible with child-rearing (by penalizing work interruptions lessthan male-dominated occupations); this hypothesis has found equivocal empirical support.
Lessthan 1 [pounds sterling] 42% 1 [pounds sterling] to 1.
Mind's manifesto calls for better funding - mental health spending has increased at lessthan 50 per cent of the overall NHS increase.
It is expected to cost around pounds 110,000, and be capable of 0-60 mph in lessthan five seconds, with a top speed of more than 180 mph.
The Maximum Effort, Minimum Coverage award goes to Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy who visited Wales no lessthan three times but scarcely rated a mention.
The game was turned on its head when the visitors went in for two tries in lessthan four minutes.
Turkish Towel,White Weight Not Lessthan 350 Grams,Size:60.
And having beaten Warrington atthe John Smith's Stadium in thesemi-final ofthe Challenge Cup lessthan two months ago, Ellis is relishingthis latest KnocKout battle.
We lost a goal at Bolton for far lessthan that kind of challenge, so referees are not consistent.