LESTAGE, Eng: law. Duties paid for unlading goods in port. Harg. L. Tr. 75.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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En el caso de los ninos se observa el mismo patron que los adultos, aunque la cantidad de ejemplares evocados en ambas tareas se incrementa entre los 6 y los 12 anos alcanzando los niveles adultos entre los 11 y los 12 anos (Anderson, et al., 2001; Nieto, Galtier, Barroso, & Espinosa, 2008; Sauzeon, Lestage, Raboutet, Kaoua, & Claverie, 2004; Temple, 1997; Van der Elst, et al., 2011).
En la literatura academica, de acuerdo con Lestage (2001), se ha senalado que los migrantes reproducen o recrean algunos rituales y practicas de su region de origen.
Credits: LeStage is currently the choreographer for Nelly's set on The Main Event tour.
Founder and CEO of Weathermob Julia LeStage joins Weathernews as chief editorial officer.
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The Alliance Francaise de Manille (AFM), Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Embassy of France, Rustan's, Store Specialists Inc., and Y2K Residence Hotel will present "Me, Myself and Us," by the company TAAate d'Enfant, a circus trio composed of Guillaume Biron, NaAA<<l Jammal and Florent Lestage, on Oct.
Although the diversity of results is clear, the variability of tasks and methodologies employed in these studies (Little, Prentice, & Wingfield, 2004; Sauzeon, Lestage, Raboutet, N'Kaoua, & Claverie, 2004) have to be considered.