Letter of advice

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LETTER OF ADVICE. comm. law. A letter containing information of any circumstances unknown to the person to whom it is written; generally informing him of some act done by the writer of the letter.
     2. It is usual and perfectly proper for the drawer of a bill of exchange to write a letter of advice to the drawee, as well to prevent fraud or alteration of the bill, as to let the drawee know what provision has been made for the payment of the bill. Chit. on Bills 185. (ed. of 1836.)

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Within subdivision (a), adds letter of advice to recommendations and disposition.
DOE and EPA should continue to review treatment options for long-term use that could better protect workers and the environment, it said in the letter of advice.
Of all the conviction cases, none required referral to the tribunal, 34 per cent were referred for a review of the nurses' fitness to practise and, in a further 30 per cent, the PCC recommended the council send the nurse a letter of advice.
Yet in a letter of advice to Julien printed in this week's Western Mail Week End magazine Russell warns him that there is no escaping the barbs of the trolls.
117); and the potential publicity value of submitting a letter of advice (p.
A LETTER of advice from Beatles legend John Lennon to a young singer has been made public for the first time.
The General Staff said in a statement posted in its web-page, "recently the media transmitted some news reports claiming that there was a third letter of advice.
London, May 2 (ANI): A letter of advice by poet William Wordsworth has sold for 8,825 pounds at an auction.
Drivers who had left goods on display in their cars but could not be contacted can expect a letter of advice in the coming days.
30am: I take advantage of the calmness at this point to draft a letter of advice to a client on the impact of a Swedish company's insolvency on the assets of the company that are held locally.
Who knew that the best-known author of German erotic literature, Felix Salten, wrote the Bambi story used in Walt Disney's film, or that Ben Franklin penned a raunchy letter of advice on choosing a mistress in which he counselled bedding older women?
A letter of advice from the attorney general points out that uses developed pursuant to Measure 37 do not fall within the statutory definition of nonconforming uses, raising the question of whether any such use can ever "vest" and so be transferred to others.