Letter of advice

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LETTER OF ADVICE. comm. law. A letter containing information of any circumstances unknown to the person to whom it is written; generally informing him of some act done by the writer of the letter.
     2. It is usual and perfectly proper for the drawer of a bill of exchange to write a letter of advice to the drawee, as well to prevent fraud or alteration of the bill, as to let the drawee know what provision has been made for the payment of the bill. Chit. on Bills 185. (ed. of 1836.)

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30am: I take advantage of the calmness at this point to draft a letter of advice to a client on the impact of a Swedish company's insolvency on the assets of the company that are held locally.
A letter of advice from the attorney general points out that uses developed pursuant to Measure 37 do not fall within the statutory definition of nonconforming uses, raising the question of whether any such use can ever "vest" and so be transferred to others.
Options in the policy given to the reviewer are to recommend that the matter be referred to the grievance mediation program; that the matter be referred to the Bar's fee arbitration program; that the attorney be diverted to the Bar's Practice and Professionalism Enhancement Program with the file closed; that no probable cause be found; that a letter of advice be issued with a finding of no probable cause; that a finding of minor misconduct be made; or that a finding of probable cause justifying further disciplinary proceedings be made.
No criminal action was taken in relation to the claims but Ms Baker later received a letter of advice, the lowest form of sanction available under the Police Code of Conduct.
For 2002-03, the committee handled 44 cases, with another 10 to 15 percent dismissed with some of those having a letter of advice.
Instead of holding a disciplinary hearing, the force last week handed Det Chief Supt Baker a letter of advice - the mildest police reprimand.
ENGLAND'S cricket bosses were today set to scrutinise their letter of advice from the Foreign Office on the feasibility of touring Zimbabwe later this year.
29-30; Matthew Hale, A Letter of Advice to His Grandchildren (Boston, 1817), pp.
As stated in the Announcement, the Company expected to despatch a circular (the "Circular ") containing, among other things, (i) details of the Acquisition, (ii) a letter from the Independent Board Committee to the Independent Shareholders regarding the Acquisition, (iii) a letter of advice from the independent financial adviser to the Independent Board Committee and the Independent Shareholders regarding the Acquisition, and (iv) a notice of extraordinary general meeting, to the Shareholders on or before 24 August 2015.
Following the meeting, the students will research the query and draft a letter of advice to the client, which will be approved by the supervising solicitor.
For a fixed fee, Eversheds provides its highest level of service, which provides both a comprehensive search of the web for the same or similar names, along with identifying any potential misuses, and a detailed letter of advice based on the results of the search.
The letter of advice from the Independent Financial Adviser in respect of the Entrusted Loan Framework Agreement and Entrusted Loan Agreement will be included in the circular to be despatched by the Company in due course.