letter of introduction

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2,400 francs, payable in Florence, at Signor Gozzi's; also a letter of introduction to the Count of Monte Cristo, on whom I give you a draft of 48,000 francs.
Ferrea, banker at Nice, and also a letter of introduction to the Count of Monte Cristo, whom I have directed to supply all your wants.
On account of the tired horse, I determined to stop at the Mission of Cudico, to the friar of which I had a letter of introduction.
Please ensure that you read document 001 - letter of introduction before you proceed to the invitation to tender (itt).
This cartel specialised in UK, Canada and Schengen visas, Nigerian passports, bank statements, various countries' immigration stamps and letter of introduction from corporate organisations,' Lawal said.
Being in America's Registry can be viewed by the members as a letter of introduction to all the other members.
In 1884, he walked down the gangplank into the New York Harbor with four cents in his pocket, a book of poems, a drawing of a flying machine, and a letter of introduction to Thomas Edison, the "electrical wizard" of America.
The foreword sets a deep emotional tone: it's a letter of introduction that Millie can present at the gates of heaven, written by Millie's friend Mitch Albom.
He was only to give a letter of introduction containing his appointment as New Zealand's ambassador who also maintains ties with the Palestinian Authority.
An ambassador accredited to Israel cannot be the same person to hand a letter of introduction to the Palestinian Authority," he said.
And cello leader Carl Fuchs, who had first come to Britain in 1887 with a letter of introduction from Clara Schumann, and was a British subject, was unable to retain his post after being interned in Germany following a visit to his sick mother in Jugenheim in summer 1914.
It also features a Letter of Introduction, Golden Age Relics and the content contained in the Limited Edition, including a steelbook, bonus digital content and the Destiny Expansion Pass.