Letters Patent

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Letters Patent

An instrument issued by a government that conveys a right or title to a private individual or organization, including conveyances of land and inventions.

Although Article I, Section 8, Clause 8, of the U.S. Constitution confers upon Congress the power to secure to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries, this constitutional clause is not self-executing. Rather, formal application for letters patent must first be made in the manner prescribed by statute (35 U.S.C.) and regulations (37 C.F.R.) promulgated pursuant thereto.

LETTERS PATENT. The name of an instrument granted by the government to convey a right to the patentee; as, a patent for a tract of land; or to secure to him a right which he already possesses, as a patent for a new invention or discovery; Letters patent are a matter of record. They are so called because they are not sealed up, but are granted open. Vide Patent.

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With the letters patent of incorporation, Rogers has 12 months to move forward with the application process to meet the requirements of an order to commence and carry on business.
Letters Patent are simply a way that the Sovereign signifies making an alteration that doesn't go through Parliament.
Lee Godden explores the effect of the proviso in the Letters Patent on the legal relationship between the Imperial British Sovereign and Aboriginal people in the actual occupation or enjoyment of their lives in South Australia.
Through the Letters Patent, King George VI allowed the Governor General to exercise all the power of the monarch with respect to Canada, significant because the Letters Patent cannot be altered or repealed by parliament since they are a creation of the monarch's royal prerogative.
In 1968 the Council petitioned the Queen to be granted a Royal Charter, and accordingly the Australian Academy of the Humanities for the Advancement of Scholarship in Language, Literature, History, Philosophy and the Fine Arts was constituted by Letters Patent in June, 1969.
The suit charges Avasoft with patent infringement for "directly infringed, contributory infringed and/or induced the infringement of said Letters Patent No.
This recognition that physical occupation and improvement of territory was more legally significant than mere discovery accompanied by proclamations of possession is shown to be of great importance in the drafting of the colonial letters patent discussed in chapter 3 in that "the nature and extent of the mental intention to hold land and the physical settlement of the regions claimed under the patents provided a virtually unassailable right to possession according to Roman law" (120).
today received the official Letters Patent for Canadian Patent Number 2,460,131
All patents were addressed "to all people whom these presents come" and unlike letters close, private letters that were sealed up, letters patent were open, indicated by the Latin patente, or "open".
The first document is, quite properly, an extract from Edward VTs Letters Patent issued to exclude Mary and hand over the Crown to Lady Jane Grey.
24); they show a familiarity with and recognition of the importance of documents, and a certain ingenuity in annexing the documentary forms of the apparatus of privilege (the Letters imitate, for instance, the formal preliminary language of letters patent, pp.
Letters Patent 8,027,711, titled "Laser imaging apparatus with variable patient positioning," dated September 27th, 2011.