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SECONDARY, construction. That which comes after the first, which is primary: as, the primary law of, nations the secondary law of nations.

SECONDARY, English law. An officer who is second or next to the chief officer; as secondaries to the prothonotaries of the courts of king's bench, or common pleas; secondary of the remembrancer in the exchequer, &c. Jacob, L. D. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A person can be discharged from the residential level of care when the objectives for that level have been met.
Another major indicator measured by the Haad is patient satisfaction, and Al Hameli said that patients appear most satisfied with the level of care provided by mid-size private hospitals.
The volume index of the output of the RCF sector in year Q is constructed as a Tornqvist aggregation of resident days by level of care using the share of expenditure as weights:
The situation is rather more complicated in metropolitan areas where large hospitals could be expected to provide all levels of care in parallel, but where managers might expect clinicians to allocate patients to high-sophistication/high-cost care, or a lower, cheaper level of care, according to some system of definition.
Concerns about Mrs John's level of care were raised by senior midwife Elizabeth Ellis, who carried out the investigation into the complaints about Mrs John.
CHANGES: Roz Gladden "We understand change is always unsettling, but would like to reassure them that the same high quality of service will still be provided and there will be no difference in the level of care. We are happy to talk through any worries or concerns that people may have and have already written to those affected.
There is a real need for patient groups such as ours, health professionals and politicians and health boards to really come together and understand what arrangements of service can realistically provide the right level of care for babies."
This area was a very busy unit that maintained a high level of care. Jenny worked in this unit until she retired in 2008.
Agnes Berzsenyi, general manager Home Health at GE Healthcare, said that with Direct Supply as distributors and with their expertise in this sector, GE Healthcare will be able to bring the benefits of GE QuietCare to many more assisted living facilities across America and help them offer an even higher level of care for their elderly residents.
They dictated the level of care each patient required.
Edward Bromwich, a director of EHB, said: "Warwick Myton Hospice is an important part of our community and the level of care they give to patients is remarkable.