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That same day, Levi handed himself into the police and stuck with his story about an intruder.
The two essays in Part III cover areas of the Levi oeuvre that have received relatively less attention--his works that engage the concept of the "homo faber" and his highly imaginative works of science-fantasy.
One of them, The Double Bond: Primo Levi, by Carole Angier, was reviewed in Midstream by Arnold Ages (September/October 2002).
Levi rejects Paul Oskar Kristeller's view of humanism as an educational reform emphasizing eloquence, whose skills could then be applied to the range of interests that humanists possessed.
Schwartzberg said Levi Strauss gave him carte-blanche orders to shoot anything he wanted.
Levi speaks frequently about the incidence of suicide among the survivors following their liberation.
Practice in Levi is "a process of living and of learning from living" (147), the acknowledgment that what we do or think is always dependent on and defined by our position in time and space.
Although Sayre and Vacca argue that Levi believed that incomprehension among individuals could be overcome with good will, two of the three essays in the final section, "Levi's Legacy," focus on how this optimistic view faded.
However, for Levi D'Ancona the hellebore shown (with many other flowers) at Flora's feet proves Giulio's mother must have been a Pazzi.
It is a collage of images and memories collected from many sources--Levi's own autobiographical texts, his friends, and the few survivors of the camps mentioned by Levi in his own works, witnesses that she tracked down and interviewed.
Levi Strauss Foundation Donates $2 million in grants to HIV/AIDS Organizations in 2009