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He then tries to explain how, over time, the small central government crushed states' rights and evolved into a big Leviathan.
Gerstle certainly shows sympathy for the "social" Leviathan, but he is more critical of another process by which the federal government became Leviathan: through permanent wars and their national security requirements.
With the encroachment of governmental entities and the development of the mine, the people of the Valley needed to be identified as and needed to identify themselves as--a collective whose will could be personified in order to articulate with the leviathans that were now on their doorstep.
The concept of a leviathan is a handy label to bracket the intricacies and inter-relations of the institutions that precipitate out as global capital reaches across the face of the Earth, though whether it can do much analytical work without considerable further refinement is not obvious.
The film's dark biblical and mythic resonances, less blatant in Zvyagintsev's subsequent films--The Banishment (2007) and Elena (2011)--are in full force in Leviathan, his latest work.
This ultimate triumph of the system over the little guy demolishes any pretense of a social contract between the individual and the state, as envisioned in Hobbes's Leviathan and alluded to in the film's title.
Mass Effect 3 single-player campaign is poised to get its first story-based DLC - Leviathan - on 28 August, across all three gaming platforms - PC, PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox.
It was amazing to see 20 or 30 of these leviathans packed together.