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Levis, Quebec, changed its name to Desjardins Financial Security, effective in December.
LEVIS, Quebec -- After entering Dassault Syst[c]mes' CAA program and becoming a value-added reseller (VAR) in 2007, Creaform is now certified for DS's well-known Education Partner Program (EPP).
Federal Fleet Services, a sister firm to Chantier Davie shipyard in Levis, Quebec, has made waves earlier this year with several of its unsolicited proposals to the Canadian government to quickly --and at less cost--provide vessels for the coast guard and Royal Canadian Navy.
The brand's current global expansion and development includes choice urban and resort markets such as Soho Village (New York City); Chicago, Illinois; Levis, Quebec, Canada; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Dalian, Changshu, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hangzhou in China; Cocoa Beach, Florida; and Puerto Rico.
Caption: The Asterix, a commercial container ship, will become the new interim supply ship for the Royal Canadian Navy after conversions are made by Chantier Davie shipyards of Levis, Quebec.
LEVIS, Quebec -- Novo Technologies announced today that the Quebec Justice Department has successfully completed the deployment of its CourtLog solution to all 48 Courthouses and 420 courtrooms, making this the largest known networked digital voice recording system.
8 that the MV Asterix had been delivered in Levis, Quebec, and that the vessel's acquisition from its former owners is now complete.