Lex mercatoria

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LEX MERCATORIA. That system of laws which is adopted by all commercial nations, and which, therefore, constitutes a part of the law of the land. Vide Law Merchant.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Ele se torna cada vez mais a unica instancia que, embora com todas as contradicoes derivadas de sua natureza classista, pode se colocar como mediadora entre os interesses internos e os externos, ou seja, entre os interesses dos trabalhadores e maiorias marginalizadas e os interesses da rede de relacoes estabelecidas pela nova Lex Mercatoria.
(21) Considering the little space for intervention in domestic law, one prefers to take refuge in lex mercatoria, forging a statute to be applicable in a distinct dimension.
In the context of international commercial arbitration, references to the lex mercatoria regularly target the rules and conflict resolution mechanisms of border-crossing commercial transactions.
Some scholars view the success of market-driven CSR norms to suggest that the larger world of corporate social responsibility is properly seen as a new lex mercatoria. (4) Under this characterization, CSR norms will become so widespread that they crystallize into independently binding legal norms later applied by government-sanctioned courts.
Similar to Pellerin's discussion of Lex Mercatoria, individuals are economic entities that operate in terms of market principles.