lex loci

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Lex Loci

[Latin, The law of the place.] The law of the state or the nation where the matter in litigation transpired.

The term lex loci can be employed in several descriptions, but, in general, it is used only for lex loci contractus (the law of the place where the contract was made), which is usually the law that governs the contract.

lex loci

noun enactment in the area, firm principles in the area, law of the locale, law of the locality, law of the region, legal code in the local area, local law, settled prinniples in the area, the law in the area, the law of the circuit, the law of the judicial circuit, the law of the place, the lawof the site, the law of the territory, the law of the vicinity, the law of the zone
Associated concepts: choice of law, domicile, forum seleccion, lex domicilii, lex loci arbitri, lex loci celebrations in marriage, lex loci contractus, lex loci delicti commissi, lex situs, lex tori
Foreign phrases: Lex loci actus.The law of the location where the act was done.
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154) In this case, involving multiple tortfeasors with multiple domiciles, applying the rule of lex loci delicti and, additionally, the law of the forum state, (155) is the easiest to administer and apply, especially given the fact that a jury had already apportioned liability amongst the defendants.
194) The First Restatement, which embraced the rule of lex loci delicti, would be an example of such a rule.
2d 743, 746 (1963); see RESTATEMENT (FIRST) OF CONFLICT OF LAWS [section] 384 (1934) (articulating the lex loci delicti rule).
Part III also contains a critical discussion of lex loci delicti, the Second Restatement, and several proposals aimed at improving the current state of affairs in the choice of law area.
Lex loci delicti: Law of the Place of Injury and the First Restatement
Traditionally, in tort cases, American courts applied the law of the place where the tort was committed, or lex loci delicti.
Jensen (4) in adopting in common law Canada a lex loci delicti rule with very limited possibilities of exception, here achieves unexpected support.
35) Formal validity of marriage is governed by the lex loci celebrationis.
For example, if an Alberta court had jurisdiction to hear a claim for damages arising from the death of the plaintiff's same-sex spouse negligently caused by a defendant in Ontario, could the court refuse to apply the lex loci delicti on the grounds of public policy?
If the choice-of-law rules regarding validity of marriage were applied to civil unions, the dual domicile rule would apply to essential validity and lex loci celebrationis to formal validity.
The void, if any, was a byproduct of the era's prevailing common law choice of law rule, lex loci delicti.
Ultimately, the archaic lex loci deliciti rule was abandoned for most maritime tort purposes in Lauritzen v.