lex loci

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Lex Loci

[Latin, The law of the place.] The law of the state or the nation where the matter in litigation transpired.

The term lex loci can be employed in several descriptions, but, in general, it is used only for lex loci contractus (the law of the place where the contract was made), which is usually the law that governs the contract.

lex loci

noun enactment in the area, firm principles in the area, law of the locale, law of the locality, law of the region, legal code in the local area, local law, settled prinniples in the area, the law in the area, the law of the circuit, the law of the judicial circuit, the law of the place, the lawof the site, the law of the territory, the law of the vicinity, the law of the zone
Associated concepts: choice of law, domicile, forum seleccion, lex domicilii, lex loci arbitri, lex loci celebrations in marriage, lex loci contractus, lex loci delicti commissi, lex situs, lex tori
Foreign phrases: Lex loci actus.The law of the location where the act was done.
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17) In 2008, the High Court in the Pfeiffer (18) case held that the lex loci delicti should apply without exception as the governing law for an interstate tort (19) and limitation periods and damages should be considered as substantive matters for this purpose.
The lex loci delicti choice of law test adopted by the High Court in Zhang seems meaningless if the court in the place of the wrong has no jurisdiction to hear the case, and consideration of the renvoi rules in that legal system seems doubly meaningless in such circumstances.
35) Formal validity of marriage is governed by the lex loci celebrationis.
El lugar del dano se localizara en supuestos de danos a distancia, en el lex loci damni--en virtud de lo dispuesto en el articulo 4.
Then comes the lex loci laboris' principle: companies must guarantee their posted workers "hard core" mandatory protection rules - involving work schedules, paid leave, minimum wage, health and safety - in the host country.
The void, if any, was a byproduct of the era's prevailing common law choice of law rule, lex loci delicti.
De esta manera, emplearian el metodo conflictual o la regla de conflicto de su foro, que en la mayoria de los casos es la Lex Loci Executionis, o lugar de ejecucion del contrato (Aljure, 2000, p.
Germany) examines law related to international copyright, looking at the application of the territoriality principle and the lex loci protectionis rule in the US and Europe.
3) Initially, the increasing complexities surrounding this field of law led the majority of jurisdictions in the United States to follow the "traditional" choice of law rule in tort actions (also commonly referred to as lex loci delicti) (4) embodied in the original Restatement of Conflict of Laws: "the substantive rights and liabilities arising out of a tortious occurrence are determinable by the law of the place of the tort.
IV Recognition of Foreign Marriages not Complying with the lex loci celebrationis
26 of the Rome II-Regulation states that "regarding infringement of intellectual property rights, the universally acknowledged principle of the lex loci protectionis should be preserved".