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LEY. This word is old French, a corruption of loi, and signifies law; for example, Termes de la Ley, Terms of the Law. In another, and an old technical sense, ley signifies an oath, or the oath with compurgators; as, il tend sa ley aiu pleyntiffe. Brit. c. 27.

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When he was manager of Echo and the Bunnymen he got obsessed with this idea of intergalactic ley lines.
He can also see and mitigate issues in the land itself including underground water, ley lines and vortexes.
MY understanding of how crop circles are formed, if they are not fake man-made ones, is that they are lines of energy from the Earth so maybe the energy around Castle Hill has woken up with the ley lines that come from or to Castle Hill.
They were most people's default-setting mental image of all hippy-dippy types, all ley lines and sandals, a couple who rate every B&B on the range of herbal fruit teas provided in the room, whether low-energy bulbs are used and on the strength of what "vibrations" it gives off.
The story revolves around ancient ley lines, ancient monuments, and possible visitors to earth from other planets.
The location of many circles close to sacred sites such as Stonehenge, barrows, and chalk horses has led to New Age beliefs that they are formed in relation to ley lines and give off energy that can be detected through dowsing.
The novel is a great read, laced with wit and humour, very contemporary in its incidents, language and setting, and presenting a marvellously inventive gallery of characters and situations, the real stuff of comedy, And there is indeed a ghost from the old house who is seen only by Siggy and Amber and who helps to solve the mystery surrounding the house as well as talk of mysterious ley lines. This is a novel which will encourage its young readers, 9 to 13 and older, to call out for more from the author.
Some residents even said that electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) generated by the wi-fi system are responsible for upsetting positive energy fields of the body, which are known as chakras, and positive energy fields of the earth, which are known as ley lines.
The chapters that follow pursue a fascinating zigzag path that leads us through John Mitchell's "ley lines" and Atlantis (an atemporal topos closely allied to that of /Egypt); the "reactualization" of Giordano Bruno's worldview in the work of Dame Frances Yates and the consequent "magical" aspect of her comparative methodology; a comparison of Bruno's epistemology with that of structural linguistics; a decidedly eccentric but nevertheless brilliant reading of John Dee's Hieroglyphic Monad in terms of the ritual ontology of Japanese Noh theatre ("We need a new perspective," writes Lehrich); and an account of Athanasius Kirchner as a precursor of the comparative and structural tradition.
Some pretty powerful ley lines must intersect in those few square yards of County Meath.
We also spent a couple of half-days in Glastonbury, a place whose appeal depends strongly on how you feel about auras, ley lines, healing crystals, goddess temples and every other alternative therapy and belief you've ever heard of.
During the walk Fay will be leading participants to dowsing sites of interest, such as earth energies (ley lines) and will demonstrate techniques that can encourage participants to see tree and plant "fairies".