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The ALIBI experience will provide an array of unique libations in a luxurious setting, ideal for any rendezvous.
The Local Land, Lore and Libations evening at Nashoba Winery is Sunday, June 22, at 5 p.
The red carpet affair will kick off with over 15 delectable foodie stations and tantalizing libations.
Purchase and maintenance of the automated pharmacy system storage and libations medicines pharmacy Semedela, Pahor Street 63, 6000 Koper.
She points out that since it is not overly sweet, the libation is appropriate as both an aperitif as well as a liquid dessert.
And when it comes to holiday libations, we prefer those seasonal stalwarts: mulled wine or hot buttered rum.
For days before the first races, crowds feasted on the meat of oxen roasted on altar fires, sacrifices overseen by a priest and accompanied by a pourer of libations (wine offerings to the gods), dancers, and a flutist.
In addition to hors d'oeuvres and libations, there were plenty of diversions on hand, including everybody's favorite party magician, Michael Furman.
Anyone remotely familiar with Germany knows that beer, wine, and other libations, such as Most and Korn, play a significant role in its culture and society.
The trip offers a local spin, like libations at a logger bar and a shuttle back to Schweitzer in county school buses.
Once the Babalawo calls the Awos to order, there is a series of libations (pouring water on the ground or within a vase containing plants) and invocations to Olodumare and the orishas.
An example is the Vatican's discomfort with certain forms of "inculturated liturgy" in which indigenous forms of expression such as dancing and blood libations find a place in the Roman Rite of the Mass.