Libel and slander in chat group

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Country: United States of America
State: Pennsylvania

I belonged to a maltese group on yahoo and when the woman said her husband was a tile setter and she knew I needed a new floor put down. her husband came out and started preparing the floor for the tile. he had to take staples up that was from the carpet padding before he started the tile. well a few days after he had laid some of the tile I saw the staples were coming through the tile and said to him that he had to fix it. he took a couple of the tiles up and replaced them. then one morning he said his wife took the license plates off his car because it was in her name and he never came back but kept asking for money each day that totaled 1500 and that was labor for the complete floor. I bought all the materials. I have called and emailed and I am not going to get my floor done. when I started getting angry at the woman that sent her husband over to my house she removed me from her forum and blocked my emails. the next thing I knew the woman yolanda cappa was writing to poeple I knew that forewarded me her email and she was saying she was going to humiliate me all over the internet. she said her husband told her my little maltese was peeing all over the floor and he asked me for gloves to do the tile. ( none of it is true)she said he took pictures of my dogs and birds one day when I had to run errands and leave him here by himself. well she had been fighting with her husband for years and soon after she took the license plates off of his car she told him to leave. she said it was my fault because I told him everything she ever said about him. I will admit that while he was working on my floor he told me some things about his life and I listened to him. however I don't recall ever saying anything to him about his wife. Now comes the problem. He has moved back to new york and she will never tell me his address so I have lost my 1500 plus to get someone to take up the tile and put more down is more than I can afford at this time. I am 66 yrs old and have a small income like most senior citizens. I want a lawyer to write her a letter and stop all the threats thats she is going to slam me all over the internet. she does that to all of the members on her forum. she gets mad at them and writes horrible things and sends them bulk mail through yahoo.


Based on what you say here, you could probably file suit against both of them (or at least threaten to do so) in small claims court or in regular court; filing in small claims court is easier and requires no could try to collect all of the costs and damages that you suffered due to their behavior...