chilling effect

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Defined as the reluctance to publish or broadcast stories for fear of a defamation lawsuit, libel chill may make journalists think twice about running stories that may be critical of big business or overly-influential politicking, or which may shed light on, for instance, under-the-table payouts or backroom deals between politicians and developers.
How do we assess the value of reducing libel chill versus the value of protecting corporate reputation?
The libel chill has been thawed and the core values of freedom of expression of the pursuit of the truth and democratic discourse are the beneficiaries.
He said this, for example, about the idea that libel laws "chill" free expression: "The working press, through some of the most influential media outlets in [Canada], is now claiming impunity for its own lapses of self-control, and in evoking this self-pitying scam of libel chill is seeking to create a right that would enthrone the media as the absolute arbiters and creators of public opinion, liberated from the disciplines and countervailing forces that all the rest of us must respond to.