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LIBER. A book; a principal subdivision of a literary work: thus, the Pandects, or Digest of the Civil Law, is divided into fifty books.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Avita Liber 14' has a pretty sleek build with its thin metal chassis and matte finish giving it a more premium look.
The Liber has two standard USB ports, which lets you connect a mouse, keyboard, a flashdrive, external hard drive, a drawing pad, or whatever device you might need.
This month's cover image shows a 13th century transcription of this page from Liber Medicinalis and comes from the Benedictine Abbey of St.
Given the enormous losses of medieval documents in general, we can be grateful for the surviving cache of manuscripts containing at least parts of the Liber ymnorum.
Krag says the working group will be at the annual LIBER conference in Lille, France, in July.
The modernist discourse (and Liber is more modernist than anything else) is based on, among other things, Miroslav Hroch's assumption that nations--especially those emerging from "incomplete" nonstate peoples in Eastern Europe--are the creations of intellectuals and activists.
Rewriting Magic reflects a more mature understanding of the Liber florum and its composition than some of Fanger's earlier work (Conjuring Spirits), and Fanger relates her evolving knowledge of the text with John's own process of revision.
This Chronicle comprises Book IV of the "Liber Sancti Jacobi" (Codex Calixtinus), a twelfth-century manuscript from the archives of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the burial place and shrine of St.
But the tradition of the Liber Vitae goes back centuries - the original manuscript was started in the ninth century, possibly on Lindisfarne, and listed the names of kings, dukes, queens and abbesses etc in gold and silver.
Liber Abaci was widely copied in a time when books were reproduced by hand.
As Alex Liber from the American Cancer Society and contributing author to the atlas pointed out, Shisha has long been linked to lip and lung cancers and, as research progresses, it is expected that more diseases caused by this form of smoking will be added to the list.