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The direct reason is that Forster faces the dilemma of his liberal humanism ideal and the imperialism reality.
An interstellar human civilization virtually without want and inequality, overseen by Artificial Intelligences, the Culture is a model of Liberal Humanism, valuing reason and science, and culture above all.
4) The difficulty is that her literary style, her first wave feminism, and her liberal humanism collided with the contradictions of the century, and she wound up on the "wrong side" from time to time.
Criticisms of a multiculturalism informed by Taylor's and Kymlicka's liberal humanism are widespread among supporters of the political left.
By the time he returned to England his faith in liberal humanism was on the wane, and his faith in God, which had lain dormant for nearly two decades, was stirring.
What perhaps makes this statement acceptable to critics such as Hitchens, who would normally excoriate anyone uttering such sentiments, is that Perowne represents an ideal of liberal humanism.
Indeed, these two approaches miss a great deal when used to interpret Karmel's novel; liberal humanism tends subsume the experiences of the Jews in the camps under the rubric of a timeless, abstract "human condition," whereas New Criticism severs the text from larger biographical, historical, and cultural considerations.
Benyei's main culprit is the rigid representational poetic of the Leavis-school predicated on an essentialist ideology of Englishness and grounded in a liberal humanism badly outdated already in the heyday of the powerful cultural politics it supported.
Dewey's liberal humanism of Enlightenment origin found its popular expression in the New Republic, of which he was editor, and other so-called little magazines, notably the Partisan Review.
Narrated in personal diary form by co-directors Cambis and Newman, pic unabashedly flies the flag of liberal humanism.
Simon Schama's A History of Britain, a BBC and History Channel production, carries the story into the Victorian era where he focuses on emerging concepts of gender and family life and the hubris of liberal humanism and colonialism.
It set a thematic tone for the subsequent development of medical dramas in the 1990s: the ensemble cast, black comedy and liberal humanism allowed an exploration of existential issues extending beyond the hospital setting into the heart of American 'sickness'.

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